Session Pooling during Sketchup Basecamp-For the all night nerds!

Due to a plethora of simultaneous sessions happening at any given time during the basecamp in Steamboats, All those interested in attending an unofficial SESSION on recap of the day’s learning can drop me their Phone nos. so that a Watsapp group can be made for the same. We shall be recounting session by session learning for those who miss out a session they really wanted to attend but couldnt due to another great session happening simultaneously. The chrome order of topics to be discussed will be dependent on the attendees gathering each night and how much demand every topic carries by show of hands. This way we will be able to recap the most popular topics first which were missed by majority of the attendees.
This is a temporary basecamp group by the attendees-for the attendees.
Please note: This means staying up late in case our session goes long. (Meant for all nighter nerds only)
PM me your no.s or email id if interested to be a part of this !!

Warm Regards,
Mahavir Singh
Zio’s Makerspace

Je suis motivé et prêts à connaitre une prochaine session.
Jeune de 67 ans ouvert à l’aventure
merci de me renseigner

I hope you noticed that mahavir92’s post is from five years ago.