Seeking advice on wave wall cutting with CNC router

I’m brand new to SU and seeking to do two things, both to be cut using a CNC router. 1) a wave wall 2) shapes such as a sphere or egg. I’ve seen the TIG Slicer Plug-In, which appears to fill my need. What version of Sketchup do I need to use the plug-in?

Thanks in advance.


To use plugins or extensions as they are called, you would need a desktop version of SketchUp. Web based modelers Free and Shop cannot run extensions.

If used commercially, you would need Pro.
If for personal use, you could use SketchUp Make

Plans and pricing:

I downloaded Make and the TIG slicer plug in. What other plug ins do I need to draw, then cut stuff like the attached pictures?images%20(19) images%20(18)

Check out this post -

Mike: I have done some CNC work, and the important thing is that what you are drawing a tool path. The software on your machine will apply the right code to your drawing in machine language. Your line is the center of the bit, and the line has to be continuous. A wave pattern could be made with arc segments with no overlaps. Sketchup doesn’t give a way to join things without an extension. I use " Weld" from the 1001 free tool extension. I am using Sketchup Pro-2018. j.b.