Seeking advice and resources to develop Sketchup skills

I’ve been self learning and using sketchup off and on since it was still owned by Google. Though I’ve had many gaps between use I’ve learned some basics to model ideas for home remodel, interior design, and designing desks so far.

I’m wanting to drive this into a potential profession and or advancing design skills to create custom furniture and other structures. What I seek is advice and resources from the community that can accelerate my progress. Though I’ve been considering seeking courses on the software…I don’t know where to start. With any luck I can avoid any scams out there.

Eventually I’ll upgrade to pro though I want to learn the in’s and outs of the make version so I’ll only need to learn the pro features once I upgrade. With the current pandemic my main career is not stable so I must spend what money I do have wisely.

Start here:

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