Seeking a SketchUp file from my blue print

(Late breaking update to the initial request below, see last note in this topic for detail)

My new ask:
Anyone have suggestions for “home CAD” type apps in iOS such as an interior designer or a draftsman might use? Or do you know people who could reverse engineer a blueprint into a simple home CAD format? I am going to take my research in that direction.Sorry for taking your time!

(Re: I need a basic dimensioned outline of my house and lot in SketchUp format so I can start imagining some projects in 3D. I have the blueprints and can have the basic plan scanned to create a digital rendering. Can someone help?]

Do you have literally a ‘blueprint’? A blue coloured traditional paper drawing? Or at least a printed paper plan?

If you have that scanned, you can import it into SU as an image, and draw over it.

If it is an electronic drawing file, in .dwg or .dxf, or a few other formats, you can import it, and either use it directly, or draw over it.

When you have such a file as an image or vector drawing, upload it to this thread for further advice.

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yes, I have a literal blueprint. just need to take it somewhere to get a big format scan of the property turned into images. I cannot supply a vector of any kind.

I also have several as built sketches for remodeling I designed last decade, like a new kitchen, sample below. But for the moment just Imagine I was just handing you a blueprint scan, and forget my later projects since there weren’t that many.

I don’t have the patientce or fine motor focus anymore to trace it, so I am hoping to hire it done, and seeking a rough estimate.

Let me attach an image depicting the whole house for a sense of scale.

I just want the house and it’s room outlines, the walls outside (front courtyard and backyard), the new kitchen cabinets which were added as shown above, plus the lot boundaries. This will be my baseline file for sketching future projects I am considering DIY,

It’s very helpful to have the image. Someone on the forum may well be able to help you for a fee.

Yes, Of course for a fee! I would never expect that much work for free.

OK, I may have been barking up the wrong tree. I want a primarily 2D program used to design spaces CAD-like, only turning to 3D to preview the visual impact of the design. After a couple online tutorials I am getting that Sketchup is more about modeling in 3D than architecting in 2D, even if Sketchup can work in 2D.

Anyone have suggestions for “home CAD” type programs in iOS such as an interior designer or a draftsman might use? Or do you know people who could reverse engineer my blueprint into a simple home CAD format? I am going to take my research in that direction.Sorry for taking your time!

If you want to end up with a 3D model SU will enable you do that from a plan.

Do you really mean that you want to use Apple’s iOS - for iPad?
There is a VIEWER for iOS, but no app to create models.

AFAIK, Sketchup Free doesn’t work on iPad, or even on iPad Pro. It will open in a browser on an iPad (I have one, but not a Pro), and you can select a tool from the menu, but without a keypad and pencil you can’t either use the tools accurately, or enter precise dimensions.

Or are you using a Mac laptop or desktop? If so, please correct your profile.

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Not clear what your end objective is here. SketchUp is a 3D modeling program … and from a 3D design developed in SketchUp one has the ability to export a variety of common 2D formats. With today’s technology most folks design in 3D … and output 2D deliverables only as required. Example: An architect will design an entire house in 3D … and even review the design with the client in 3D.

But when it comes time to build something, the various craftsmen involved still require access to paper plans onsite … and they get those by printing PDFs of ARCH D (36"x24") drawings delivered by the architect.

With that in mind. Here is a quick SketchUp model of the floor plan you uploaded.

210814A_CB_Nelson_Residence_SU_V8.skp (798.5 KB)

Not sure where this floor plan came from, but once I got into it quickly became clear that this was not designed by a professional. That’s not to say that it is not interesting … because it is. Thus, if want to experiment with this model based on this plan … to help you evaluate SketchUp … to learn SketchUp … then go for it. It will work fine for that … just don’t try to build anything based on this model.

Meanwhile, I saved the model as a SketchUp Version 8 file … so hopefully you will be able to open it with the web based version of SketchUp.

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If it can’t so iOS, that is yet another facet I didn’t realize. I have a windows laptop, but I was hoping to do my brainstorming idea sketching platform in iOS because I love my tablet. I gather there is home design software that works on iPads. perhaps some of those apps can import a .dwng (sic) to set up the base file.

I am not doing this to design one project (a new bedroom or a bigger bath). I am doing this to be able to visualize any number of small future DIY projects I may want to play with downstream

If you really want to use the iPad, then have a look at home design software that will work on that, to explore options for room layout and furniture arrangement.

What that won’t give you is the versatility to custom design your own furniture, create drawings for woodworking and other DIY projects, or create 3D printable objects, all of which SU can do with ease, and in 3D.