Searching for hands on experience with the Asus GTX980-DC20-4GB



Hello Community,
I am searching for actually hands on experiences with above mentioned graphic card - seem like a lot of value performance wise. But i see that other have problems with the drivers and don’t get the card to run with sketchup. So anyone actually running on it and loving it ?
My alternative is (at my budget the quadro 4200) - se saw no one complaining about this.
Input will be much appreciated.


I don’t have a Asus version of the GTX 980, I have a Nvidia GTX 980. The drivers are the same from Nvidia.

I been running SketchUp 2015 for about 2 weeks and had no problems yet.

I also been running huge SketchUp models with +3 million polygon count, using 3-4 GB of RAM.


it would be actually Nvidia Asus Graphics Card.

Asus is just the card maker. Nvidia provides the technology to them.

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