Screen shot into forum

I sure this has been answered before but I cant find a thread for the answer. How do i get a sceenshot and put it here so I can ask about the error message iam getting when I open a skp file.
thanks for your help.

There are a variety of tools for making screenshots. Windows comes with the Snipping tool. Search for it in the search window on the taskbar. After you have created and saved the screenshot drag it and drop it into your post here.

Actually you can use Window+Shift+S to activate the snipping tool. Then after making the selection just paste into the forum post or reply.

On Windows you can use ALT+PrintScreen to grab a snip of only the Window that has the focus.

Then in your post type CTRL+V to paste the image.

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I use Greenshot. It is free, and it has also an editor mode where you can perform simple image editing and add highlights and annotations.

Another possibility, if you want a gif is Licecap.

below is the error msg that appears when open and existing model. could anyone provide and idea what this means.
Error Loading File dp_flat_text/dp_flat_text_main
Could not find included file ‘dp_flat_text/dp_flat_text_main’

thanks for any help

That hhas nothing to do with your model. It indicates a problem with loading the Flat Text extension. Probably not installed correctly.

Iam sorry not sure what a Flat Text extension is. I dont have any extension listed in as that in my extension manager

Evidently you installed some extension that is looking for Flat Text. Since it isn’t loading it won’t show in the Extension Manager.

Perhaps a screenshot of your extensions folder would help us see the problem.

FlatText is an extension which does what its name suggests [note that it needs a license to run its ‘power-tools’].
It installs from its RBZ available from SketchUcation’s PluginStore||ExtensionStore³.
It makes a file named dp_flat_text.rb which sets up the extension and a matching subfolder in your Plugins folder named dp_flat_text which contains the various files it needs.
The main loader code is in a file called dp_flat_text_main.rbe
The error message says it can’t find that file, which suggests it’s not been installed properly… how did you install it ? Using SketchUp’s Extension-Manager to install it from the RBZ or using auto-install through the SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ should set everything up properly, so what’s happened ??