Scrapbook view in 2018

Has there been a change from 2017 to 2018 in how Layout scrapbook is viewed? In version 2017 I could expand the box to show all items below the set page size. In the new 2018 version it is cutting off everything below the set page size. I’m I missing something or has there been a change?

Hi pwharton, no it does not look like you are missing something… it looks like we have a issue in how we are displaying the view. We had done some rework with our dialogs and this looks like a manifestation of that.

Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks for your reply,
Is there anything i can do in the meantime short of we working the scrapbooks pages?

Unfortunately there is no work around except to edit the paper size of the Scrapbook.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


That presents a whole new problem, you can put more on a page and/or have more room on the page but everything becomes smaller and harder to see.even when you expand the window tab.

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