Scrapbook 2023 files missing

Just checking - I seemed to have been missing the metric scapbooks in LO23. So I copied and pasted them from LO22. Did I need to do this?

Which scrapbooks, exactly?

If you installed SU2023 correctly (right click on installer, Run as administrator) any OEM scrapbooks should be installed with LayOut.

Edit: I had a chance to compare the two. Clearly there aren’t as many scrapbook items in 2023 as in 2022. Note file sizes.

I wonder why that is. About the only time I ever use OEM scrapbook items is when I’m demonstrating the use of them for others.

I guess it certainly doesn’t hurt to copy them from an older version.

I rarely use the supplied scrapbooks but out of interest I just checked and I’m missing most of the people from the “People” scrapbook
In 2022 there were 10 sub categories. In 2023 there are none.

Not an issue for me but I wonder whether this is an installation error or maybe an oversight.

The reason for the file size decrease in scrapbooks is that we finally updated many of them to use scaled groups. Doing this allowed us to eliminate the various duplicate pages that only changed the scale of the scrapbook items.

It is concerning to hear that the metric scrapbook items are potentially missing from the installation, we will look into that.


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Ooh! I hadn’t caught that, Adam. Thank you for that explanation.