Scope Boxes - Section Box

Hi Community,

can anyone please advise if there is a Utility / Plug-in available that lets you use a Section Box, also called a Scope Box, to limit parts of the model, so that I can create 3D details for later annotation, text, labels and dimensions, or at least text and labels, which will be taken through into Layout.

Please refer to image attached, which is a typical Selection Box from the whole 3D model, using the selection box tool in Revit.
these small selection boxes/views, can be locked and saved out for multiple 3D detailing uses, or presentation, but mostly I use the tool for easy access to small parts of the model while working through the project, saving the need to wrangle through bits that are visual noise while working.

I cannot find anything to match this kind of definition in the Extension Warehouse.!
thanks in advance

Your image doesn’t show.

By the way, please complete your profile with SketchUp version. That will help us help you.

Creating a scope box is simple enough.

Sorry. I don’t have a building model to use at the moment.

Draw a box, remove its faces, group the edges and assign the group a layer with dashes selected. Paint the edges with a color if you’d like.

someone should make an extension like this…

splits out the ‘Selection Set’ into a new model…

but, who would be prepared to pay and how much?

that’s the question…



I think it oughta be worth $10USD a copy.

Hi Dave R,
what happens next ? after that box/face/add to its own layer/change line type if you want, move it back to some position over/around your model ???

Make different boxes for different parts of the model.

no, sorry, how does it cut the other thing ?
I can’t get the wire frame box to cut anything

You still need to use section cuts. The Scope Box is just placed to show where the section cuts are.

oh… but you cannot have 2 Section cuts active simultaneously ?
I could never get them to have 2 cutting at once but you have ?

Yes. You can. My last screen shot shows two active sections. Sections only work in their context so with nested grouping, you can have as many active sections as you need.

OK Dave, that is cool.
I can’t get it to work right off the bat, but will muck around for while.
When I select 2 sections and go to Group them, SU shrinks the section cut lines to tiny weeny things ?
Maybe they both/all have to be inactive to begin with or something but I’ll have a look - it would be productive to get it to work - thank you for the really useful information so far.

No. You don’t group section cuts. You make nested groups/components of the model and place section cuts in the groups/components.


doh. ok. it 12:30 am here and am tired but will come back to it in the morning - thanks for persisting !

Hi DaveR,

Thank you for the help.
I also found this the next day ! - an training video.
Is there a way to activate multiple sectionplanes cutting one entity or one group of entities? - #4 by pault728

Really good to have this option as I learn the program, and it will help using LO and potentially make things a lot better - thanks a million.

Undet has a clipping box for visibility management.

With more users coming from ‘the other side’ and with the large models it’s creating, the market could be growing.
We have resellers with a large AD userbase, prepared to explore the possibilities.
More extensions go subscription…
€10 per month could be a start?