School Project - Sketchup to Virtual Tour with touchscreen

Hi everyone,

I have been given a project to create a 3D virtual tour of our school, and then it will be display on a big touchscreen monitor at the lobby where school visitors can utilize it to find classrooms and places.

My questions is what kind of software do I need, aside from Sketchup, in order to accomplish my project?
Currently, I am about half way through finishing the campus. I found out that I need to find something for rendering my model to make it look nicer. I also saw some people suggested Unity 3D or 3D Max to create virtual tour, but it will take some learning curve.

I am hoping to get some open source or freeware (if possible) which can easily import models from Sketchup to create a virtual in a few steps. And also the end product should be touchscreen friendly with arrow buttons (and interactive icons).

Thank you in advanced and I will be looking forward to your kind suggestions.


If you create different video animations using scenes in SU, you could just use a power-point; clicking on a button plays a specific video. You should be able to map out some routes and “key” junctions where you can pick which way to go.

If you did use Unity, which is what I would do, you can do all the modeling in SketchUp, export the models as Collada, and import those into Unity.