Scenes and animate;



Yes. Exactly. One layer for each copy of the box. Then one box layer at a time turned on for each scene.

For what it’s worth, there are some extensions that can animate your model but it’s a good idea to learn how to do this sort of thing manually, first.


Here’s another GIF example and I’ve also included the model that I used.

Animation_Test.skp (2.8 MB)


And when it comes to scenes I designate them in the same way? selecting each box ?


Well, turning on one layer at a time for each scene. You can see that if you look at my animation and the screen shots I made of the two boxes.

FWIW, in Junior’s animation, which works basically the same way, each box is entirely different than the others since he’s made it appear the box is bending.

Have you ever scene how animations used to be done in the old days of acetate cels?


Yes Ok


Yes Disney etc, I was moving the box instead of copying it combined with selecting


The only reason they show as selected in my screen shots is so I could get the Entity Info panel to show the layer assigned to the box. Without selecting anything, the layers don’t show in Entity Info.


I got 5 boxes moving now, but nothing happens without the entity panel which I need to get my head round
How do you share a SKP file ?


Click on the Upload button at the top of the message window. It’s 7th from the left and has an arrow pointing upward.


?? at the top of the page ?


No. Just at the top of the message window where you type your message.


Ahh the reply window


Moving boxs.skp (142.9 KB)


So that all looks just fine. You have the appearance of the box moving across the model space.

At this stage you don’t need Model Info open. It’s just the place to assign a layer and get information about the selected entity.


Layers; What would be the arrangement of Layers to put this lid back on the box so that it could be used in scenes after ?


Make multiple copies of the lid distributed between the current location and on top of the stone. Make one layer for each copy of the lid. Assign a different layer to each copy of the lid. Turn off all but the first layer, make a scene. Turn off that layer and turn on the next. Make the next scene. Rinse and repeat. It’s exactly the same process we’s done several times in this thread.


Just sending this quick screen shot vid of my progress. I could remove the lid in a lot less movements but I wanted to get my head round layers/scenes. The last scene I would like to pause?
Is there an option for timing of each scene>


I think there’s a plugin that allows you to adjust the scene transition timing between scenes but the name escapes me at the moment. If you just want to have the pause at the end, the easiest thing is to add additional scenes that are identical to the last one.

Another option would be to export an image set from the Animation export window and combine them in a video editor. You can then adjust the time each image is displayed on screen so you can more precisely control the pause at the end.



The animation on screen automatically loops to the beginning in SketchUp. When you export the file, you can untick the box for Loop to Beginning to prevent that.