Scan Essentials Reverse clipping box?


I am working with a point cloud (from a Trimble X7) to model driveway entry gates. I would like to remove the temporary chain link gate from the point cloud to better show how the new gate would look. I’m very new to Scan Essentials, but intuitively (for me) I imagine putting a clipping box around the temp gate and activating it, then somehow toggling the function to hide everything inside the box rather than outside the box. I’ll see if I can add a screen shot.

The reverse clipping box is currently not available.

You may preprocess your point cloud before importing the files into Scan Essentials. See Turning Pointclouds setups on/off in Sketchup


Thank you. I’m not sure how to remove something like that gate in preprocessing but will look into it. I am using the Trimble X7 with T10 tablet combo. I did see a global elevation cut-off slider adjustment, but it was too drastic—I need to retain the sloping driveway approach as well as at least some of the closest trees.

I find CloudCompare easier to use to clip out sections of the point cloud. After processing the file in Cloudcompare, load it into SketchUp.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I was researching Cloud Compare, it seems like a great solution.

how did you make out with your chain link issue?

I got as far as downloading cloudcompare, loaded the file and rotated it around, but have not made time to figure out how to remove the chain link. I have a feeling because of the sloping drive I would have to make a narrow slice containing the gate, then cut away the gate, and merge the slice without the gate back in. I have not had time to figure out how and which tools do that. I saw a video where a guy cut a car out of a point cloud—I thought it was in cloudcompare—and moved it to a different part of an intersection, but I’m not finding that video back after several searches. I’m a carpenter with SketchUp experience, and the cloud compare data tree thing makes sense but is different and foreign enough to me that it will take some work to figure it out.

If I get time over today or tomorrow I will create a quick tutorial on how to remove a fence in Cloudcompare. Once finished, l and upload it to youtube. It is relatively easy to do once you know the steps.

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I would like to see this as well.

That would be great.

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Here is the link to the youtube video.

Youtube video on removing segments using CloudCompare

I hope it helps and I would appreciate any comments you may have.

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@CS9900 @Grayson
Just checking to see if everything was clear in the quick tutorial I created?

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I have been out of the office so I have not had a chance yet but I will watch for sure.

Oh, great! For some reason I did not see a notification when you posted the tutorial, I’m sorry! I did get a notification for this post however. I will take a look as soon as I am able, I very much appreciate you taking the time to do that!! If I get to it tomorrow I will be very happy—far too much happening all at once for me this week

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I find that it is either super-slow or swamped in the landscape industry - no in-between.

I have a theory that clients sit down with each other to discuss deadlines before handing them out to the consultants or contractors. Oh, they are not busy enough so let’s make all five projects they have all due simultaneously. :crazy_face:

Good luck with the fence removal.

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This is overdue, but thank you! I watched when you first let me know you made the video, and for various reasons, today finally got around to the project in question. Thanks to your help I was able to remove the chain link! I really appreciate it.

You’re very welcome!
I hope to upload additional tutorials on landscape design and point clouds in the coming weeks and would love to hear your comments about the tutorial. How, could I improve it?

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