Scaled drawings not matching with Imperial Ruler

Hi there,
I am drawing my Layout to scale and preserving scale on resize, but one of my clients says that the scale is incorrect when she uses her imperial ruler. I am using A3 Landscape. Could that be the issue? I have not had this problem with any other clients.
Can someone kindly let me know.
Greatly appreciated!

Are you drawing in Layout or in SketchUp? Your post could be interpreted as you using the scaled drawing function in Layout, or as you attaching scaled viewport from a SketchUp file. Your client is saying the scale is incorrect when they print the pages out on paper? Are they printing on A3 paper size, is their printer/plotter scaling the image to fit? The problem could be on their end with the printing settings. The best way to get clear assistance is to attach your Layout file to a response, (post a link to a file sharing service if its too big) so we can see the actual layout file you have.

Hi there,
Thank you for your response!
I do all of my drawings in SketchUp, then send to Layout.
I think that might be the issue, she is not printing the right size. So what you are telling me is that scaling your drawings in layout only works if they print with the corresponding paper size?
If that’s the case then I think we have solved the problem. Or you have I should say! :slight_smile:

Whatever paper size you use in Layout is the real world dimensions of the document you are creating. If you are creating an A3 sized document it must be printed onto a corresponding sized paper for the dimensions to remain accurate. If the print out is scaled down to fit another smaller size paper the whole drawing and the scale will be shrunk down correspondingly. This is why labeling the Doc with the correct paper size in the key information is regular practice, so the end user knows what size to print on. :+1:

Thank you! Thank you!
I will make this common practice moving forward. :pray:

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Are you sending her PDF files? At least some versions of Adobe Acrobat have a “Fit to page” setting turned on by default when printing. Even when the PDF page size matches the printer page, this setting reduces the whole PDF page to fit within the printer margins of the printer. Having this settting on will never produce a page that is to scale.

Hi there,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I am sending PDF files.
Helpful information as well.
So great to be on this planform, very helpful!

I always put something like this on my Layout drawings if they are likely to be scaled.

Best of luck :+1:

Thank you!