Scale Oval in Proportion

I’m looking for a way to scale an oval so that all sides are equal when scaling, similar to what offset does (equal on all sides). See illustrations for what I mean.

I’m holding down option + shift (mac) while dragging inward to scale down, but this does not scale all sides exactly.

Any hints you can offer?

If you know what the size is of the bottom, select the top face and scale with a corner grip, enter the dimensions with units (minus 2x20)and hit enter
Eg. 80mm;40mm if the bottom one is 120x80

You want something like this?

The Scale tool is doing what you are asking it to do. It’s scaling everything in the selection proportionally. Instead, draw the ellipse and use Offset to outline the top. Then use Move with Autofold to raise the smaller inner face to the required height.


Excellent, thank you!