Scale box size set by DC values

May I suggest an added functionality to the scale behaviour in dynamic components: That you get to set the size of your scale box as well, controlled like geometry, with LenX and so on. That way one can have ones window trim outside the scale box. You can scale the window to match you cut hole, and safely assume that when you turn your trim tags on that trim will stay outside your cut hole.

I know you can fredoscale your window and set scale distance.and thus coping with a scale box that is larger than your visual object. But This feels like something sketchup should do out of the box.

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I think this has been requested before. I think it a nice idea myself.

But, alas, it is not likely the DCs will get any new functionality. It takes like 2 years or more just to get current bugs fixed. (Some have not been fixed for even longer time frames.)

The money is going toward Live Components it seems.

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