Saving to Dropbox

I know there are plenty of topics discussing this but I’m curious.
Which version of Dropbox are you using? The reason i’m asking is because quite a few people are having problems with file corruptions and there’s others (including myself) using it without any problems. I’ve always been using the one from the official dropbox website but there’s also one on the Microsoft store.
The one from (to my understanding,) acts like a local folder but syncs the files to the cloud after being saved. I’m not a pro at this i’m just saying the way I understand it and from what I’ve been using it. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

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As you can see i’m a windows user and the poll is targeted towards windows users. should I add another option for MAC users? Please advise me if I should change anything and also if this whole post is a good idea or not.

I’m just doing this out of curiosity and have no intent to harm or to encourage anyone to start doing things differently then what you’re currently doing.