Save notifications

Is dropbox triggering that ‘file saved by another application’ alert? I have to dismiss it like eight hundred times a day and its getting deadly boring.

If so can we kill this please

More specifics please. Are you working on files directly saved to DropBox? If so, you shouldn’t be doing that. the advised method of work is to save the file locally and sync the file to the cloud when you’ve finished working on it for the time being.

I’ll try that. In my office all files live on Dropbox because shared among several designers. I’ll pull the files off and work off the version saved to desktop and see if that quiets things down.

That doesn’t work well. I can’t maintain file references moving files around like that. Since I work off of different machines and others share, we need to keep skp files and layout files in group-accessible and stable locations, which means everything lives on the dropbox. Which also means I am clicking that alert a million times a day…unless I dont know how to manage my references but I think I’m familiar with it…

I have encountered the “file saved by another application” warning dialog when the “other application” was actually a SketchUp extension that performed a save of the model file.

Livin’ on the edge.

Lots of reports of problems related to saving to and working directly from the cloud. Too much of a risk of losing work for me, anyway.

I run all my files directly from Dropbox. Never have any problems. If I get tired of the notifications and think there is too much network verbosity I pause syncing until I’m done. The file can still be saved locally from time to time and when I restart syncing it just updates the cloud.

Fascinating! You pause the Dropbox sync while working? I will have to try…