Saving SketchUp and Layout files together to the 3D Warehouse

I was doing some work on my house and went to close the circuit breaker for what I was working on and found that they hadn’t marked my breakers well.

Consequently I took one of those created by Medeek Electrical and modified the parts to use for my purposes. I then created a Layout file to print the labeled breakers, so I could attach it to my load center for reference.

Electrical Service Panel Label Component.skp (129.8 KB)
House Loadcenter Circuits Revised.layout (183.1 KB)

I would like to upload them to the 3D Warehouse together so others could use this also when they are finished.

Is this possible to do them together or even as separate files in the same model?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe the 3D Warehouse supports anything but .skp file uploads. Interesting idea, though. I wonder how many others would use it.

I’ve typed them up , way, way, way long time ago. So who knows. Even if it just gives someone an idea of organization for their own use it is worth the upload. I could label it in SketchUp, but it would not be as easy to read.I’m also sure that you’ve seen those people who label everything on their shelves.