Saving on hard drive with Sketchup 2019 web


I have made changes to a Sketchup design I had on my hard drive but the session crashed.
Now I can’t open the said design from the web app but it has a note: ‘Last changes: Invalid date’ and the page spends an eternity trying to open it and when it is done… there is nothing! It’s an empty page!

So to make sure it doesn’t happen again, I would like to be able to save the changes on my hard drive.
But I don’t know how to do that.

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Click the “hamburger” menu icon at upper left and choose download

Thank you, that’s one of the many problems solved.
Now, how do I save a component to hard drive, or anywhere, so I can use it again in another project?

Did you find a solution to the saving component issue? I have the same question

Save it to your 3D Warehouse collection and insert it into new models from there.

Or download it to your computer and then use Insert to insert it into your models later.

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Hey Dave thank you

The question is kind of confusing. What I’m trying to accomplish is saving a component that I created from scratch in a model to use in other models. I am using the free version so I don’t know if that changes things but I cannot figure out how to do it.

I currently have several saved from the 3D Warehouse that others have made and I can access them fine.

To save it to the 3D Warehouse am I correct in assuming id have to delete everything in the current model and save it (the component I want to be able to re use) as its own file?

Sorry for my ignorance.

Since you’ve created the component in a model with other stuff, yes, you would delete the other stuff and save the file with a new name. You can then upload it to your 3D Warehouse account or download it to your local drive or even just leave it saved to your Trimble Connect storage and insert it later when you want it. In the future it might make sense to plan ahead and model the component on its own to save it. Then add it later to your model. Lots of options available so don’t let it overwhelm you as you pursue the hobby.

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Thank you Sir I appreciate it. Although its been a fun and at times
VERY frustrating experience learning as I go has already saved me quite a bit of time and frustration on my project. Im building a food truck from just a cab and chassi so creating the model has helped with lots of will it fit here or there or what will it look like, spacing, size and on and on.

Thank you again for your help and encouragement.

One other option, if you are working on a bigger model, make something, and realize it would be a handy component for other models, select the component, Copy, New, Paste. Then Download that isolated version of the component.

When you want to use it in a future model you can do the Insert Dave mentioned, or just drag the SKP onto the browser window. That will also act as an insert.

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