Saving Material, using the same base but variations on it

So I was wondering if anyone knows a simple solution to this little problem I’ve found. I will set up a material in sketchup and Enscape, and lets say it’s a paint finish for a wall. I have called it Paint_01. I use it in the project. I then want to create a variation of this paint coluor, using all the parameters that I have previously used with bump and reflection. So I use the +(create material) when I have Paint_01 selected. I then use a new name Paint_02, alter the coluor either with eyedropper or in Ensacpe. I use it in the project file, no problem…happy days. I then save these two separate materials in my library, all seems good so far. I then open up a new project and go to use these two materials. What happens now is that whichever of them I choose first will work fine in the new project. However, the second one, when selected, won’t actually become available; it defaults to the first material.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a simple way to make this workflow work, or is it just a case that I have to create the material from scratch each and every time I want to create a variation of the material?

I’ve experienced similar, what I’ve found is that if you change one of the colour values AFTER you’ve applied it to something and then change it back it’ll ‘stick’ but it’s not 100% successful all the time.
I’ve never had to resort to creating the 2nd material from scratch but I have had to do the above a couple of times for SU/Enscape to recognise them as different.

Hey Paul, good to see you over on this forum! Thanks for that little tip I will defo be trying this out to fix the issue, just one of those annoying things that it doesn’t save. Thanks for letting me know

Ha! I didn’t even notice your user name.

It’s defo an Enscape thing, I can copy a material, change its colour and apply it.
In SU there are visually 2 materials but in Enscape they ‘might’ appear as the same colour.
As I said above, bumping one of the RGB or HSL values of the incorrect mat ‘should’ fix it.

Alternatively edit-cut the group/component with the offending material from the model, purge the components/materials and paste it back in.

I probably should have dropped this on the Enscape forum, but got the answer I needed so it’s all good. Thanks for the tips, will make life much easier now!