Saved textures disappear after saving on Mac

Saved textures on Mac disappear. There is a lot in the forum but no real answer and its been A PROBLEM FOR A LONG TIME!

Open the paint bucket, click on materials, save a texture to files like timber.
Use it in model is ok. Close Sketchup. Open sketchup and a new template, go paint bucket and find that texture…GONE! What the …!

There seem to be a default location and another location for texture.
Default location : /libruary/ApplicationSupport/sketchup 2019/sketchup/materials.
So when I save a texture it does not end up here…why not!!! or it may be here but when I open a new file and check for that material it has gone.
I have checked the preferences for materials and it points to this fill.

When I save a texture into My Textures in the material panel, then close sketchup open a new model window - the material has stay in My Textures.
But save into any other folder an it is not there when you open a new model window. STUFFED!

Does anyone have answer to make materials saved stay in the folder so they are next time you open a new template.
This is a problem that should of been fixed.

See this post for more information …

Also see …

you can only save materials into folders you created using
List >> Duplicate
List >> New
using ‘Finder’

it is also ‘best’ not to use the same names as SU Materials for ant ‘new’ folders…


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Thanks for the reply .

So if I save it into any of the standard List folder names that are in the paint bucket as part of Sketchup - the texture disappears.

So basically what you are saying any of the List folders that come as part of sketckup are useless - I cannot save any textures into them. Except for My Textures - as this works.
I should probably delete these folders and do my own. That does not make sense either.

Thanks Dan.

This does not answer why saving texture into the existing materials List folders does not make them permanent … very odd!

I have asked Sketchup and they don’t have an answer… just say create new List and save it there. its just not right!

the ‘Drop Down list’ contains both SU and User collections of materials…

you can add and subtract form any of ‘your’ user folders…

the Operating System stops you from modifying the ones inside the application folders, not SU per say…

List is the name of the button used to create ‘user’ folders…


Thanks Jon.

That helps to clarify what is going on.
it does seem a bit dumb that you cannot add textures to existing List.

Ok so the only way is to create my own List like - MY TIMBER…etc.

Thanks…here end the lesson.