Sauvegarder tous les réglages comme réglages par défaut

J’ai mis du temps à paramétrer la scène, la couleur des mesures, les unités…
Malheureusement, lorsque je démarre une nouvelle conception, le style, le fond, les axes, tout revient comme avant.
Est-il possible de garder définitivement mes réglages favoris?
Un chamallow au premier qui trouve :stuck_out_tongue:

With SketchUp Pro you can create a custom template that opens every time you start a new project. With SketchUp Free, you can’t do that but you can set up an otherwise blank file with the appearance you want and save it to your Trimble Connect storage. Then open that file when you want to start a new file and immediately use Save as… to save it with your file name.

By the way, I moved your thread to the SketchUp Free category again.

ok, c’est ce que je fais. Je commence à être intelligent.

I’m using make for now

Fix your forum profile then. Put in the correct information. The wrong information makes it harder for us to help you.

With SketchUp Make you can save your set up as a template using File>Save as Template.

If your forum profile had been correct I would have told you that in the first place.

With the information that you are using SketchUp Make I moved your thread yet again.

I guess my point about posting in both languages in your other thread was lost on you. Good to know I need not bother.

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