Safe sites to download rooms [for Vray]?


Hi Gang, has anyone heard of Sketchup Free? They have some nice rooms I would like to download but not sure if this is a safe site or not?

Also, anyone know of other good sources for room downloads?

Thanks alot!



Do you mean from the 3D warehouse inside sketchup free?


SketchUp Free is the free web-based version of SketchUp.

You have access to the same 3D Warehouse in SketchUp Pro.


The rooms on this site my wife loves!! Are they in the 3D warehouse?



That’s not SketchUp Free. The website is

It looks a bit misleading. That site isn’t the 3D Warehouse.


Honestly, the site looks a little dodgy because it claims to be copyrighted by SketchUp, yet it has no contact information. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe. I could be misunderstanding it. Although, I’d recommend sticking to the 3D Warehouse,, or something like because they’re safe sources for downloading models. Look for popular sites that already have many users.


That site is definitely from SketchUp. There are other free models that are available on other sites as well as 3D Warehouse. - This site has been around awhile and is trusted. Users sometimes post entire VRAY-ready models for downloading. Just be sure to check their terms of use, especially if using for commercial purposes.


That site is part of CGTips (, and it’s not related to SketchUp in any way except that they stole the logo and added a copyright that is not theirs to use, along with several models that were never intended to live on that site. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s not official.


When in doubt, whois can come in handy.