Rubymine debug error SketchUp Pro 2018

Hello, I am new with the use of RubyMine and I have a problem with debugging in SketchUp 2018.
I’ve been following the RubyMine tutorial on Github.

Run/Debug Configurations

Edit Tool

But when I debug, I get the following error message:

How can I solve this error?

This looks like it runs the ruby command in the wrong working directory where it does not find that script.

You set your working directory with a variable. Using Linux myself, I think environment variables on Windows are enclosed in % like %ProjectFileDir% (or maybe $ signifies a RubyMine variable?). Did you test whether the variable is correctly spelled and holds the expected value?

Otherwise use an absolute path, like in Thomthom’s screenshots:

Thanks for the information Aerilius.
The program executed the assignment in the wrong working directory so it could not find a script.

I have now used an absolute path like in Thomthom’s screenshots.
SketchUp starts up, but does not yet execute any code that I want to debug.
Still a little further search, but then it will certainly succeed.

There is a known regression with remote debugging in RubyMine 2018:
(Go and vote it up.)

They are working on a fix. I have been in contact with JetBrains via their Slack channel ( => #debugger channel) and the latest test-build they gave me restored functionality. I’d expect they’ll release a patch soon.

Maybe you can downgrade while we wait for a patch?
(Alternativly VSCode also works for Ruby debugging.)


Bug is fixed in the new 2018.1.1 patch

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Full release notes here:

I just tested on my machine and everything is back to normal now. :slight_smile:

Happy debugging!


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