Jet Brain RubyMine 2023 Remote Debug


Years ago I was working on SU2017 and I managed to setup the RubyMine 2017 remote debug following the instructions given on this community. That worked perfectly and that was really useful !

I tried to configure the SU2023 remote debug on RubyMine 2023 but that’s clearly different, close but different on the interfaces. Finally I didn’t manage to make it work.

Does anyone has some explations regarding theses ? I found some explations on JetBrain: Remote debugging | RubyMine Documentation.

I hope you could help me, that would be really useful and much more comfortable for debugging Plugins development.

Thanks for your help !

Hi all,

I’m back again and I found the solution. I reopened the RubyMine Debugger Setup that I used to setup connexion between RubyMine 2017 & Sketchup2017

The thing to precise is product evolved and image capture re not up to date + some precisions :

  • Remote root folder : Where the code you’re running is stored, Sketchup Plugin Folder or a specific Folder.on the Computer you’re working if it’s the same machine.
  • Local root folder : Same comment as previously.
  • Use the Sketchup 2022 Ruby Debugger for Sketchup 2023 (Releases · SketchUp/sketchup-ruby-debugger · GitHub)

If you have any other questions Email me privately.

Cheers !

To make a summary ok items that could be usefull:

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