Remote Debug RubyMine

Hi all,

I have succesully configured Sketchup Remote Debug with SU2023 and RubyMine 2024.1 on my desktop Win10 PC but I’ve tried to do the same on my laptop Win10 PC and that doesn’t match…

I have applied the RubyMine Debugger Setup (RubyMine Debugger Setup · SketchUp/sketchup-ruby-api-tutorials Wiki · GitHub) whiwh seems to be ok but when I launch the Debug SU2023 runs correctly but the timeout is reached because at the time the Launch Tool runs correctly the Sketchup 2023 application the connection between RubyMine ans Sketchup 2023 isn’t estabilshed and the timeout is reached…

Do you think that the SketchUp instance launched isn’t accepting connexion entry and RubyMine is still trying to make connexion until the timeout is reach ?

I can send other informations if it’s needed.

Thanks for you help and answers !

Hi again,

I found the answer after looking on multiple directions. I just forgot to setup the Sketchup DLL.

Debate closed, Iwas just dumbed…

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