Ruby Plugins and

Does the web-based beta support Ruby plugins? If so can you provide some pointers on where to start?


Because my.sketchup is browser based, there is no way to insure that Ruby is installed on the client (much less the correct Ruby version!) - and doing it on the server side would (I’m guessing) introduce significant latency (if it can be done at all) with perceptible performance degredation.

FYI, I started a topic thread in the Developers category:

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I understand the priorities and keep up the good work!!!

When and if you get there a plug-in API is a definite must have and when that time comes supporting Ruby on your web-based solution isn’t in my mind a requirement. Browser-based Javascript (on the client) and/or Node.js (server-side Javascript) are a good alternative and are also in line with the changing times and preferences of the the development community …

@joe.ireland Repeat, I started a topic thread in the Developers category:

It will be a better place to talk in “geekish” about API things.