Round out numbers on DC attributes and report

Hello everyone!

Im here with an special request of help, i need to round out this numbers like this:

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As you can see, are two different types of rounding numbers, on the first one i should round it down from for example : 233,554 to 233. Above all because this value comes out on the report.
(i know i can do this in excel but i am being requested to get the report as clean as possible)

On the other hand, the 1 you see in “spessore” comes from “tube” that is 1.0 (text), and i need it to be 1.0 , because in toher values will be 1.2…1.4…ecc

thank you!

=ROUND(num to round, num past decimal) e.g (ROUND(LenY*10,0)

in the case of 1 → 1.0 – this looks like an input value, so use decimal number type in the input box.

for the T 1.0 - you should fix the source to provide the value 1.0 (although by default it seems that numbers which end in .0 (or more zero) display as integer…

Dynamic Components Math Function Examples | SketchUp Help

the first one worked perfectly!
The second one im afraid it wont work as you well said, it wont show values after 0.
Thank you so much anyway!

if text, 1.0 as typed should hold, however any formula will try to evaluate numerical text as a number,