Rounding Value to nearest 5


I am wanting to round an attribute value to the nearest 5 but am struggling to do so.

I am wondering what the correct count would be to perform as required.

If I have a value of 241 then I would like it to round to 240. Currently It will only allow me to round up or down in increments of 10. using ROUND(VALUE,0)

So If it is 246 then it will return 250 and not 245.

CEILING will allow me to round UP in 5’s but I want to go both ways.

Rookie question maybe, but it is proving somewhat problematic for me this morning.

Any additional info is available if required.


Try (241 / 5).round * 5.

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thats ruby, use

=round(value/5,0)*5 for dynamic components


That’s got it, thank you!