A lot of decimal in components attributes

a lot of decimal in components attributes when with the formula

see the picture:

the attr cabtk =contxt(Pnlst,Top,Pnrst,Bottom+toeH1)

the attr pnlst =1.8cm

so the value supposed to be 1.8cm, but it shows 1.79999999999999

so what make it like that?

I believe that because the units for the program is in inches, the conversion to metric is a factor, perhaps rounding by an interger like 2 will give the result you are after

That’s a typical example of finite-precision computer arithmetic. The value 1.8 has no exact representation in binary. 1.799999999… is as close as the computer can get. So unless the value is rounded for display, you will see all those trailing 9’s. However, they signify nothing unusual.

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