DC Decimal Inaccuracy


Hey all,

I’ve got a DC I’m working on that I’m having trouble with. I want to position the last copy of a subcomponent. I’ve done this in the past using the moniker “COPY=Copies”. In this case “Copies” equals 14, but “COPY” of the last copy is 14.0. The DC isn’t recognizing that 14=14.0. I’ve had this issue before as well, and was able to fix it by changing all of my attribute units to inches. However, this time, that isn’t working.

My current workaround is to use COPY>Copies-0.9999999999 (that’s 12 decimal places). If I reduce that to just 11 decimal places, it breaks. Does anybody know how to actually fix it?


How about




Excellent. That fixed it, thanks for the quick response.


Usually the FLOOR or CEILING functions also work well.