Rotation - Not the Easy One


I have a model that has been created on an axis not parallel to the standard red or green axis.
For the purpose of exporting the elevation to Autocad I need to rotate the model so that the faces are parallel to the standard views (front-back-right-left)…How to do this?
I’ve tried resetting the axis parallel to the model with blue pointing up but the model will not display parallel to the front view, it stays skewed.
I hope this is understandable.


The standard views are no aligned to model axes. By default the model axes are aligned to the standard views. To create the views aligned with the faces as oriented, right click on a face and choose Align View.

If you want to use the standard views, you’ll need to rotate the model to align with the default axis orientation. Most likely you’ll do that with the Rotate tool.


I have Align View and Align Axes as a right click option.
Which one?


Align View did it.
Thank-you for the kind assistance.


Sorry. Doing it from memory. Align View was what I meant.