Exporting elvations at odd angles

Hi guys

Specifically joined the community to find out if anyone knows how to export PDF elevations at odd angles. Ie. Not on the axis lines

The situation is this:
I’m working on a building that has walls at varying angles and I’d like to provide the graphic design guys in my team with elevations for them to work with.

What’s happening:
Every time I need to export an elevation I have to rotate the entire model to align with either the Green or Red axis, click the corresponding face button in the toolbar then export.

The problem is:
Scenes can’t be saved as the model rotates with each elevation export, which is problematic if the model is updated.

Recognise there’s a possible workflow solution with Layout but seeking a resolve without the use of Layout if possible.

Maybe I’ve missed a beat somehow on how to achieve this but open to what is possible👍🏼

Thanks in advance!

Why not change the axes to align with a wall of the building and use the appropriate standard elevation view to create a scene? If you set up the red axis parallel to a given wall the Standard Front view will align with that wall.

Alternatively you could select the face of the wall right click on it and choose Align View then create a scene.

right click on a face you want to… face :slight_smile:
and choose “align view”.

the camera will place itself so you’re perfectly aligned with this face.

also works with sections.

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Dave & Ateliernab…you guys rock!:muscle:t3:

I knew there’d be some Pro users out there who would know the knows!

Tried the align view, saved the scene, and viola!

Much appreciated guys. Thanks for your guidance on this👌🏼

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You can also use fredo portrait to place the camera at any angle you want.