Camera views do not correspond to the correct side of the object



When I want to select Camera > Standard views > Front the program shows the right hand side of the drawing. I have tried to realign the axis and now have the blue line running vertically on the left hand edge of the drawing and the red axis running along the bottom, but this did not make a difference.

I am using Pro 2015 Mac 15.2.686.

Regards, J


The standard views are aligned to the global model axis and not affected by changing the axis. The Front view places the camera perpendicular to the red/blue plane (XZ).



Hi Anssi,

Thank you for your reply.

How do I change the drawing to make it align with the global model view?

Regards, J


You seem to have changed the axes’ orientation.
Prior to rotating your model, i.e. all the geometry, right click on an axis in empty space and select “Reset” to show the original (=system’s) axes.
Now rotate the model to have things that should be vertical up and running along the blue axis,
Finally rotate the model about the blue axis so that front is front.


Many thanks Wo3Dan, that did the trick.

Regards, J