Rotating to create a diagonal section

Hey guys,

I model pieces of furniture with my high school students to make and I have been stumped on creating a diagonal section of bar that locks to both corners. I have attached an image for reference. I am making it out of 30 x 8mm bar and the finished product needs to be 600mm high. When I use the rotate tool it doesn’t let me lock a line to a guide point

Hoping you all have a solution that is easy, all the suggestions I am seeing suggest using a sin/cos/tan method. (Hoping to avoid this)

I have the program on both windows and mac, so which ever is easiest I can use.

Thanks in advance!!

I can think of several ways to do what you ask. One would be to use the Arc tool (not 2 Point Arc) to create a guide for rotating the piece. Another is to use Rotation (Free) in FredoScale to do it. It was designed with a feature for that.

Here’s the method using the Arc tool.

And with Rotate (Free)


Thank you so much! Haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Just kept doing the same thing over and over!!


Glad that helped.

FWIW, doing it with trig isn’t so bad. It’s a good skill to have. But if I can do it without mathing, I will.

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Haha, can take a bit of convincing to get the students to go that extra mile!!

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