Rotating textures or paint bucket items

I know I have been there before, but I cannot remember exactly how to do this. I want to rotate a brick texture 45 degrees. I know that if I highlight my texture and right click, in the drop down menue, texture comes up, and I can click on position, than I can right click, and click on rotate, but there are set rotation angles. How do I rotate to lets say, a 45 or a 30 degree angle. Thanks again for all of your help.

Position Texture Tool: Manipulating a material using Fixed Pin mode — SketchUp Help

Right click a textured face > (context menu) Texture > Position > drag the green grip to rotate 45 degrees (or snap to a previously created angled guide) > done.


Thank you to both of you, it worked great!

Hi guys, when I went in and did you method dragging the green grip to rotate 45 degrees, it was on a wood decking texture, and all was fine. Now, on the same design, if you can imagine a patio that is in the shape of an octagon. I have offset the patio about 1 foot, so the inside of the patio will be flagstone. The 1 foot wide perimeter, which I have each segment separated with a miter, so my texture orientation along the red and green axis is no problem. Once again, I am having problems with teh 45 degrees. Mainly, when I grab the green grip, and try rotating it, the scale also changes. How do I rotate it, and keep the scale of this texture consistent with the same size as my texture along the green and red axis. I wish one could just click on the texture, and than type in the desired angle that you want, instead of having to drag it. Thanks again for your help.

If you want a bit more control of material and texture, go to the Extension Warehouse and get Eneroth’s Texture Positioning Tools this gives you the ability to simply type 45 amoungst many other things.

For some very complex material manipulation, Fredo6’s Thrupaint is brilliant.
Available from Sketchucation.ThruPaint

The green pin has two functions, Scale and Rotate

If you keep the pin relatively close to the protractor while rotating it snaps to the protractor’s 15° graduations.

Conversely, if you position the pin some distance away from the protractor while rotating it ignores the protractor’s 15° graduations.

The rotation arms (dashed blue lines) extending from the center of the protractor display visual cues to present scale and past scale operations in the form of one or two blue dots.

The green pin snaps to the blue scale dots just as it snaps to the 15° increments of the protractor.

Anyone know why I am not getting “position” as an option for my texture? Did it get moved to a different menu?

You should find Texture in the right click Context menu when you right click on the face. If you aren’t getting Texture in the Context menu, you’ve either not applied the texture to the face or you are right clicking on more than one face. If you’ve confirmed the texture is applied to the surface and not the group or component container, turn on Hidden Geometry and make sure you haven’t got softened edges dividing the surface.

Thanks! I was applying the texture to the whole group, not the individual faces. All set now!


In addition to what DaveR says, if you have selected a face and any of its edges, the Texture context menu won’t appear. One face, and just the face…

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