Rotating a Texture: How to Constrain Action?

I have controls to rotate an applied texture on a surface (Rt-Click - Texture - Position), but I can’t seem to see what modifier keys constrain the actions of green Pin (scale/rotate). In this case, I simply want to rotate the texture 90 degrees. When I try to rotate it, the texture doesn’t stay on its plane, and goes out of control in 3D space. What’s the correct way to constrain the rotation of the pattern to the plane it’s sitting on?


like this?


Correct. But I don’t have the same options available in your example (90, 180, 270). I just get the Pins, which I have to operate manually. (This is Windows, in case the Mac interface is different.)


I’m pretty sure it’s not an extension, but I am on a mac… [@DaveR will know]

it certainly makes it easy…


are you sure you don’t have those options on windows…

this is from one of daves answer at SCF…

Well, this isn’t a single click option but it you right click on a texture, you can choose Texture>Position. Then right click again and choose to rotate 90, 180 or 270° or flip the texture. If you uncheck Fixed Pins, you can then move the pins independently to tweak the texture’s dimensions/shape.

And if you have several different faces to do, adjust the texture on one and then use that texture to sample from when applying the material to the other faces.
All native tools. No plugins required.


Ah! Dave’s answer had the key. He stated I must right-click a second time on my surface, and sure enough I get those options. Many thanks!

my gif didn’t show the right Click like it should, sorry about that…

tick it solved then…



I guess you have the answer. It is the second right click.