Rotating a Circle so a segment end point is coincident with the Blue (vertical) axis

I have a 2-D circle defined which I shall edit to isolate just a portion of — it will provide a template to use cutting an arch for a range hood I am building. I’ve drawn the circle to the proper radius, and I specified 256 segments. I need a lot of segments, because the file will be exported as a .jpg to another program that will print the arch on multiple letter size paper on my office laser printer. The more segments, the smoother the line will be on the printed template.

All operations I attempt – whether drawing a line or a dimension or a guide snap to a segment end point which is near but does not lie on the blue axis of my 2D drawing. Is there a simple way to anchor to the intersection of the circle and that axis?

Without seeing either an image or the model. I’ll have to make some assumptions. Your problem is most likely that the inference engine doesn’t generate snap points on the axes. You need to use the origin as a snap.

The general method would be to select the circle (and its contained face if any), activate the move tool, and start moving in the red or green axis direction. You can lock the direction by pressing the right (red axis) or left (green axis) key immediately after clicking to start the move. Move the circle until you see an inference to the model origin. Because the actual movement is locked, you can move the cursor down to the origin even if the circle isn’t on the red-green plane. If the circle was also off on the other axis, repeat the process but in that direction. Click below to run an animation of the process.

Like this? I made the circle with 256 segments, 18" R but you can edit either or both in Entity Info.

Circle on axis.skp (97.3 KB)

I drew the circle centred on the origin, tapped the left arrow to orient it on the green axis, and dragged the radius out along the blue axis. Then typed the radius value.

Great. Thanks!