How to rotate perfectly



Hi guys.

Please help me to solve geometry task.

I found only one way to solve this task - use circle with many segments. But this way does not found perfect point.


Use the ‘Pie’ tool to get an exact rotation. The segmented circle only aproximates the intersection you want.
Otherwise there are also plugins to rotate to intersection if you don’t want to rely on SketchUp’s native tools.


Maybe I’m being dense?

How does using the Pie tool help? The circular part is still just as segmented as the Circle or Arc tools.


Wow! Thank you. I figured the task.


This intersection snap of the Pie Tool was new to me. Thanks!


It works with the Arc tool, too.


And new to me too - thanks from me as well, Wo3Dan and DaveR.

Was this enhancement introduced at the same time as the Pie tool (2014, I think), or new in a later version?


What I demonstrated has been possible since the Arc and Pie tools were introduced. The only difference between the two is the Pie tool draws the radii and fills in the face neither of which are needed for this task.


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