Does an Object Snap menu plugin exist, similar to Autocad's?

Does anyone know of an Object Snap extension that will make Sketchup snap to all these
handy options, like Autocad has (or found a similar solution)?



No. All inferences are on all the time.

Edit: SketchUp has inferences (that is what “snaps” are called in SketchUp-speak) that correspond to approximately all of these AutoCad snaps, and then some.


of course invoking some inferences can be tricky

I’m finding it hard to draw wheels, hubs, and anything circular that I would normally rely on Quadrant Object Snap for…
Any suggestions for a Quadrant snap inside of SU?

I believe that quadrant snap has no exact equivalent in SketchUp, largely because SketchUp does not have true circles or arcs. But if you can describe more fully what you are trying to do, one of us may be able to suggest a good way to go about it in SketchUp. For example, SketchUp does have an inference snap to the center of a circle or arc and this can be used to draw concentric circles.

Ex AC users (like me!) do feel the loss of an ability to control snapping. The inbuilt always-on snapping works well but often means you have to keep zooming in and out to make sure you are not snapping to the wrong point. This is especially a problem when you have points close together and particularly when they are off axis. In those cases, it would be fantastic to be able to limit snapping to endpoints, say, but sadly you can’t

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Circles, Polygons and Arcs have Cardinal Points.
They’re easily identified by hovering the Move tool over unselected* geometry.
*Move is an auto-select tool.

Master the Cardinal Points — Tweaking Tool Tips — SketchUp Sage Site

Thanks for those tips everyone!

I think this is the textbook description of what I am trying to do:
Bisect a circle with a chord which is parallel to the x or y axis, [in one graceful move]…

Here are the results of my semi-scientific trials based on the feedback:

The 4 “Cardinal Points” inferences Sketchup offers cannot find quadrant points directly.


Varying the # of segments of 2 concentric circles also seems to fool the “Cardinal Points”, and leaves me wondering if my chords are even the same length (since I am intersecting sides of a polygon, and not a circle). Any guesses on this question posed based on this screen shot?


The only way I’ve found to reliably find my coveted quadrant points is to:
Start at the center, then go PAST the circle until the green or red axis become dotted, double back and draw the other half in the same fashion, then trim the lines outside the circle…
Does this sound about right?


My images did not both load with the last message, so here’s take 2:



Model accuracy begins with the very first geometry created.

The circle in ‘take 2’ was drawn off-axis.
Inferring to off-axis geometry in subsequent operations will propagate the error.

Learn to lock inference direction and endeavor to make it a habit in the course of every operation.


Inference Types — SketchUp Help


Inference Locking

Inferencing Enhancements in SketchUp 2016

More Inferencing Enhancements in SketchUp 2017


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