Rolled mousepad, shape bender crush geometry

Hi! Could anybody please say some accurate method to roll for example this mousepad? see attached skp file. Or maybe there are some other ways to do it because when I use shape bender it crushes geometry or it is some kind of normal things for SU?

rolled mp.skp (2.1 MB)

Just tried to change a form of a spiral as for me to more “hard” type and results even better than in 1st case but still there are some problems…

You could try working at a larger scale.

I scaled your model up by a factor of 1000 and ran Shape Bender. It looks pretty good to me. Remember to scale the component definition after scaling the model up.

Yes, it works much more better when scalep up to 1000 times, thanks. By the way how to subdivide quads correctly when an object has rounded corners like this mousepad? I want to use then some plugins to make organic shapes of it.