[resolved] Screwed up email address

I set up my profile with email me+sketchup@gmail.com which is something I tend to do to aid in filtering, and as a way to detect who is to blame if I start getting spam.

But when I reply to forum replies, they come from me@gmail.com and the forum is interpreting that as a separate user (who isn’t registered but is still allowed to post?!)

I tried to change my profile email address but it says me@gmail.com is already in use by a staged user… presumably because I replied from that address.

How can this be best resolved? My understanding is appending +… to an email doesn’t make it a different address so if the software ignored it that would ideal, but can you perhaps allow both addresses for me or manually force my profile to the regular @gmail.com version and merge my posts from both?

Just an observation, since you say that you do this regularly … RFC 3696 notes that the “+” sign in an email address is not specifically prohibited, nor is it specifically allowed.

user+mailbox@example.com ---> user%2Bmailbox@example.com

[note] 2. There is actually some uncertainty as to whether or not the "+"
       characters requires escaping in MAILTO URLs (the standards are
       not precisely clear).  But, since any character in the address
       specification may optionally be encoded, it is probably safer to
       encode it.

This means that how the “+” sign is interpreted by different systems is ambiguous … how to fix it? I have no idea :frowning:

Google seem to endorse this (of course they don’t own the internet much as
they would like to). I think I would clarify not that tje + part should be
ignored but that two addresses identical apart from the + part should be
considered the same person - there’s a slight difference :slight_smile:

Since Sketchup used to be part of Google I was surprised it didn’t work -
and more surprised that in the sign up page it let me use Twitter/FB
account but not a Google account for single-sign-on!

I don’t really expect admin to modify the forum software… hopefully they
can just delete the staged used and change my email to remove the + part as
it is causing issues.

although I am testing if I can get gmail to send emails from the plus


Hurrah, fixed it: Is there any way to send an email from a Gmail plus address? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

(1) But this forum is hosted by Discourse (https://discourse.org) which has never been part of Google (AFAIK.)
(2) The switch from Google Groups to Discourse occurred after and because of the sale of SketchUp to Trimble.

Interesting, that would explain it.

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