Reset a 3D Model

Is there a Reset option in SketchUp (similar to Unity) that ensures the model is simply placed at the coordinates’ origin, etc…?

Is there really a need to reset anything before exporting a 3D model in, say, .fbx format?

Ensure the Axes are visible [reset Axes it needed].
Ensure all layers are ON.
Ensure View > Hidden Geometry is ON.
Edit > Select All.
Move tool.
Pick the desired point in the selected objects that you want to be at the origin.
Type [0,0,0] and press enter.
The selection moves so that picked-point is now at the origin.

Note that is you use ‘,’ as a decimal point then you need to type [0;0;0] instead…


You may also wish to check if you are working in an environment with changed drawing axes.

So after TIG’s step (1 / make axes visible) right click on an axis and see if they need to be reset first.

For moving a selection to [0,0,0] means moving it to the current drawing origin.