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It is a small thing, but an annoying thing that may be an easy fix. When I go to click something in the Layout tray, the attention of the program shifts to the tray and if I don’t press the middle mouse button (actually clicking may lose the group I was editing) in the Layout window and before using the scroll wheel, the active tray or menu in the active tray will scroll through as many options as it takes to get to the end of my scrolling operation. Somtimes, particularly when it was the scrapbook or sketchup scene dropdowns that had the cursor attention, this unintended scrolling (and sometimes unintended changes to the layout window such as changing the SU scene or line wieght, type, etc) can take quite a bit of time to complete and then often needs to be undone.

The best work around I’ve found is to first be sure to press the middle button when transitioning to the layout window but sometimes this is not so easy, such as when dragging from the scrapbook where often after dragging the first thing I would do is zoom in or out to position the item. I also will press the Tab key to move the attention in the layout tray off of any dropdown menus to be sure that scrolling in them is not possible but the cursor attention is constantly moving based on user operations.

Would it be possible to have the cursor attention be based on its position, not where the last click was? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



I believe what you mean is the platform-specific default scroll behavior. There is cursor focus (mouse hover and click) and keyboard focus. On Windows, scrolling is always applied to the widget that has keyboard focus even if it is not under the cursor.
There exists software that applies scrolling to the widget under the cursor, like it is the sane default elsewhere on macOS and Linux.

For example Wizmouse:



This was the problem exactly. Thanks for providing the link!


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