Scroll through LO Trays unpredictable

So maybe it is only on my machine?
Scrolling through the (expanded) LO Trays seems very unpredictable at best.
Seems sometimes it works as expected but often times not.

IE: I select a text box and want to edit the font/other and while the LO trays are expanded and the Text tray is not visible…sometimes I can hover over the tray and roll the mouse wheel and the trays “roll up or down” to get me where I want to go…other times I have to click on the Tray to get it to “roll”…and finally no matter what I try sometimes I just have to grab the bar and pull up or down.

So…anyone else seeing this?
[Windows 7Pro/SU 2019 - 2018 same behavior]


I’ve found if you have the cursor over the panels and it gets into a scroll-able list, you stop scrolling through the tray and start scrolling the list instead. I make it a habit of putting the cursor over the long scroll bar on the edge of the tray when I want to scroll through the tray.

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Hey Dave,
Well it sounds like it behaves in a predictable and consistent manner for you.
I wish that was the case for me…oh well…guess I’ll just have to plod along.

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