Reorder multiple scenes at a time

Hiya! I appreciate how the “Scenes” window allows multiple scenes to be selected, which I often use for deleting multiple scenes at a time (much better than scene-by-scene deletion from the main SketchUp window with a confirmation dialogue box every time).

Once selected, it would be helpful if multiple scenes could be moved upward or downward together as well. I sometimes change my approach to moving through a model after creating many scenes, and the current functionality requires me to move one scene at a time. Moving a block of scenes concurrently would save a lot of time in these cases :slight_smile:



don’t know how this functionality does not exist yet! even better would be drag and drop re-order support as opposed to having to click the up and down arrows multiple times (even if it would move multiple scenes at a time). I feel like I’m breaking my mouse each time I have to heavily re-order scenes in a model.