Drag and Drop Scene Tabs

As the title says, why not be able to use the mouse to left click and hold a scene tab, then drag it to a new location, and then release the left click to set it in that new location?

Isn’t this method far simpler and more natural than right clicking and selecting move left or move right if you want to move a scene tab ten positions to the left or right?

Now i know that one can also go into the scenes tray, but that also requires more steps than using the drag and drop method.

Furthermore, why not be able to select multiple scene tabs and drag them all over to the left or to the right at the same time?

In other words, if you had scenes 1 to 10 on your project and you wanted to move scenes 1 to 5 all the way from the left to the right end then wouldn’t it be simpler to be able to do it in one shot rather than moving each scene by itself?

To me this is how every program that uses tabs should be. This is how google chrome works and its just common sense.

Which of course leads to the fundamental question: If it is common sense, then why isn’t it implemented?


You describe them as tabs, but they are buttons. The tray could work differently though, they look like you should be able to drag them up or down.

It’s hard to tell if they are buttons or older style looking tabs. There is this other program i use called Notepad++ and the so called ‘buttons’ look identical to Sketchups ‘buttons’. However with that program you can still drag and drop them from one position to another.

But i guess if they are buttons as you are declaring and if buttons cannot be moved through dragging and dropping then that explains why the feature is not available.

Of course if they can allow multiple ‘buttons’ to be moved at the same time in the scenes tray then that would be nice.

But although i could be incorrect, my thinking is that the developers have closed the file on the basic interface design as they only occupy themselves with advanced features.

Possibly! For your interest, on Mac they are more button looking.

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Yeah those definitely look like buttons. And assuming they cant be dragged and dropped, then that means there is a slim chance that the developers are going to change them into tabs since it could require a massive overhaul that they would not invest their time into.

That’s too bad.

It almost makes me wonder if tabs as they function in google chrome and similar programs were even available at the time sketchup was initially made since if they were then surely they would have used them instead of buttons.

I agree with You. Even in scene manager this is very inconvenient (using arrow icons). Drag and drop will be better way to order scenes.


+1 For drag and drop in the Scenes inspector.

Regarding the control on top of the viewport I wouldn’t mind if those on Windows were redesigned to look morte like those on Mac. Quite often new users are confused why changes made in one “tab” appears in the others, as if the user expects them to be separate documents. Styling them more like buttons could reduce this confusion.

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