Rendering reflective surface?


So, here is my 2nd attempt at a 3D scene. I drew the ipad and placed the table from the 3d warehouse. I haven’t quite figured out how to round the corners like a real ipad plus have the bottom rounded. My question though is how can I make the screen reflective like a real ipad? Is that even possible with a 3D rendering program? I rendered this using Indigo.

This one I did with Brighter because of the recommendation. As you can see, it looks poor and not even remotely realistic. What is the problem?


Visualizer can do reflections…

I left this about an hour…



It is possible to get reflections with at least most rendering applications but you have to set up the materials to have some sort of reflective attributes. John shows it is possible. Here’s a couple of examples. This time in Kerkythea although I’m sure it didn’t take an hour to get them to this point.
Hoop Chair 2

Flag Case


Hese is a simple reflection, To provide something to reflect,we added an invisible HDRi sky which filters light thorugh a forest to provide subtle reflections and shading.


To add to the list, there is LightUp. It works differently to other options, in that it’s real time, but can also export higher quality stills.

Here’s a short screen recording:

and a still image export (I had turned up the light level on this one):

  • You should add an environment. If you look at the other examples, there is always something that gets reflected (tree, table, house, …).

  • Change the Tonemapping to camera instead of the standard Reinhard, this will increase the photo realism.

  • Change the material of the front to something reflective in the indigo material window, e.g. glass.