Mirror which actually reflects


Hi there,

How do I create a mirror which actually reflects when an object is placed in front of it in a scene or a 3d planner.


To create reflections you need a graphics system capable of raytracing. SketchUp doesn’t have that - computers don’t yet support real-time raytracing. To get reflections you must use a photorealistic rendering plugin or application.

In some limited circumstances you can create a mirror as a window, and place a flipped copy of your model behind it.



If you mean in real time , that’s not possible to my knowledge. But you can take a picture from the mirrors position and save it as a jpeg and then apply it to the mirror and adjust it with texture position if required .
Here is an example of a bathroom mirror https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=9bd17ee435e802a3593628dea610e4c2

You can also produce reflections by making a copy of the reflected object and then you mirror it back to front connect underneath or were required. The dividing surface is slightly made transparent to simulate a reflection . in the picture below you just hide the lower reflection or put on a hidden layer.



It’s not a very cheap plugin, but LightUp is worth a look at. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDgyhmgiK9g


I use www.brighter3d.com its very very fast and easy to use. There is a free version


From what they say on that page, it seems to be a renderer. That is, it makes still images. LightUp is real time, you can roam around your scene, it’s not just a still image (though it can export those too). The photorealism isn’t going to be quite as good, but it’s good enough for a virtual walkthrough case, and it can do mirrored faces.


Interesting. Brighter3d does do render animation also. But I just use it for still images. I did try lightup. Just to complicated for me. It also crashed so I gave up after several email to the support team. But maybe its better now. It was a year ago


Try brighter3D plugin it does mirrors and makes your sketchup model look real. Just snap shot