Rendering Lines

I’m working on a project that I’m using lines for. (See image.)

The ultimate goal is to create basically a path way that’s embedded into the ground. Any tips on this will be helpful, however, right now it will be okay if i can just render out the image with the lines showing.

Any advice?


Assuming that the ground is a Group or Component, the way I would do this is;

  1. Enter the Group/Component for Editing
  2. Draw the shape of the Path on the Face
  3. This should divide the single face into separate areas, one being the path
  4. A different texture can be applied to the Path without affecting the grass areas.

Also, if the Ground is Push/Pulled down to give it some thickness, the path area could be push/pulled down, or up, slightly to give it some definition from the surrounding grass.

Hope that helps.